Been a while!

But i'm still here!

Just a quick post with some recent commissions.  First, another Vet-Tix sketch cover, this time for the 20th anniversary of Billy Tucci's Shi

Like the Lady Death series from earlier in the year, these are limited to 50 copies, 50 artists.  There are some real heavy hitters on the list and i cant wait to see what some of the other people do!
Check out the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1408637942743782/

I also just finished this oversized (19''x22'') Wolverine commission for a high-school friend's Husband. 

More announcements coming soon, in the meantime, check out some preview pages for my Wolverine Annual http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=53230  and follow me on instagram @jonathanmarksart


The Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club

My wife performs on a UCB Theatre house team, the 'Royal Bermuda Whiskey Club', and I just finished this image for a poster for their May show.  Still have to add the text though.

If you're in LA, come see them perform this coming Thurday, April 17th, at 8pm!  Tickets are sold out, but there will be a wait-list, so come early and cross your fingers.

Actually really happy with how it turned out, would love to do a whole comic like this, mixed media and messy.

Oil and ink on watercolor paper



all of these places really exist!

(even this one, the magical corner of Riverside and Cahuenga...although, at the actual intersection all four corners of the road do actually connect with each other...


more sketchbook stuff

More pages from my current sketchbook, been enjoying myself with this one...


pens and copics

pens, brushes, copics, screens


Black Panther Pages

Finished this six-page Black Panther story as a sample to submit to Marvel at the end of last year.