More Exclusives!

       Im pretty sure i can post these...

Remember 'color-forms' (I didn't)? They were basically just reusable stickers that you could put on specially made backgrounds.  You'd buy a New York mat and you could put your Spider-Man stickers swinging through the buildings, and then change your mind and re-apply the same stickers so Spider-Man was now on the ground fighting the Hobgoblin (or whatever).  Anyway, that kind of mix and match was the idea behind the retailer exclusive covers we did for Shrugged number 1.  If a retailer ordered above a certain quantity of the issue, they will get a super limited run of covers that showcase the retailer's logo - just like what Aspen did for 'Legend of the Shadowclan' ( http://aspencomics.com/legend-of-the-shadow-clan-retailer-covers-revealed/ ).  For Shrugged we wanted the option to make all the covers just a little bit different though (and the ability to accommodate logos that might not be conveniently shaped) - so, ta-da, Color-Forms of Ange and Dev and the gang!  Below are the full  body shots that the Aspen guys positioned on all the covers.  Keep an eye on https://twitter.com/AspenComics and https://www.facebook.com/AspenComics?ref=stream where there will be actual covers revealed as we count down to March 13th and Shrugged number 1!