FCBD 2013 and sketch dump

Some recent commissions i just finished.
 This was actually a third attempt at a commission from Wondercon about a month ago. This one is going to be the graphic on a custom wood board that being shaped as we speak! Cannot wait to see what it looks like finished, ill post a link as soon as i have one

Over a month ago i was meant to go to a comic shop in San Antonio to do a store signing for Shrugged. After a plane mix up and a snow storm in Chicago, i ended up missing the flight and the store appearance.  The guys in Texas were completely understanding and i ended up getting back to Heroes and Fantasies (http://www.heroesandfantasies.com/) this past weekend for Free Comic Book Day!  The shop was awesome - intimidatingly huge - and was packed the entire time we were there. I got to hang out with Cory Smith (http://csmithart.blogspot.com/) and JT Krul (http://jtkrul.blogspot.com/), which is always great.

I did this pin up of Ange and Dev for the shop as a little apology for missing my visit last time.

two quick sketches from FCBD

                                                A Dev commission from FCBD


Sketch Covers

Finally posting these! As part of the promotion for Shrugged number 1, for every couple hundred copies of the comic that retailers ordered, they would get a hand drawn sketch cover by yours truly.
All told, there were 103 covers for me to do!  Cool idea, and super fun, but frustrating when you realize that youve run out of ideas after twenty covers...
ha, naw, really happy with most of these. I have a few AP copies that i will have available at upcoming conventions or for commissions. email me for details.