Hey 2013, hows it going? This year marks the 10th anniversary of Michael Turner's 'Aspen Comics', and I could not be more excited to be involved in the celebration, providing the art for the second volume of 'Shrugged'.
Shrugged vol.2 follows Theo, Ange and Dev (and all the rest of the old crew), during their last year of high school - new characters and new adventures when a familiar face returns for vengeance!
Above is the special reserve edition cover, all of the first issues in the 10-for-10 line will have a 'reserve edition', and if you add the 10-for-10 books to your subscription service at your local comic shop (i.e, reserve them), then you are eligible for the special jam-poster below, which includes all the babes (and Dev and Sparkles)!

Ill be updating my blog and deviantart page (jonomarks.deviantart.com) frequently - my new years resolution  - with sketches and pages and news so keep checking back! 

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