£^$&ing Google

So heres a funny story:

In an effort to send a single large PDF containing multiple images to someone in such a way so that they wouldnt have to download it, i decided, hey, why not check out this 'google +' that all the kids are talking about (none of the kids are talking about this).
Its like, a share - hub right? just set it up, upload the image, send the recipient a link to access the page. Bob, as they say, is your Uncle.
Once I got to google plus though, i realized that there were already somehow a lot of images - my own images - waiting for me. not wanting to clutter my 'plus', i deleted said images, not realizing that all of google is somehow connected, and i was actually deleting every fucking image id ever uploaded to my blog.
so ive re-posted most of the recent images, but anything beyond a few months ago is gone...
dust in the wind.
(although if theres anythone out there desperate to see an older post, just email me and ill put it back up!)
after all that, the google+ PDF email idea didnt work either.
Fucking google.

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